Reader 4.3.0

Major changes:

  • Significant rework of the text selection code (PDF version still needs improvement)
  • Navigation rails moved to the right side of wide views
  • Fixed issues with sticky header for voice lists
  • Rewind option added to beginning of sentence
  • TTS document and audio document speeds made independent
  • Document filter remembers previous settings
  • Folder filter reworked to allow filtering by document source
  • Cleaned up Chapter, Bookmark, and Highlights views as well as Audio document view
  • Fixed scrolling issues and controls getting out of sync
  • Adjusted bookmark and notes icons to show on current spoken line
  • Disabled irrelevant options
  • Wide mode improvements (side by side lists/details)
  • Playlist and timed play clean up
  • Bookshare clean up, fix for individual logins
  • Pocket login still broken on Chromebooks
  • Language selector now only shows available language for voices
  • New options for read position seeker behavior
  • Updates for Android 13 and 14
  • Adherence to new Splash screen requirements

Accessibility improvements:

  • Bulk operations disabled on Document List for screen reader users
  • Full screen mode disabled for screen reader users
  • Fixed issues with TalkBack seeing controls from previous screen
  • Show empty message on most lists
  • UI translated into multiple new languages
  • Improved contrast in themes

Known issues:

  • PDF view needs major work
  • Pocket is broken on Chromebook
  • Pocket, Bookshare, Instapaper error handling needs improvement, especially for expired logins.
  • The play button become unresponsive rarely, efforts to debug this are slow due to the difficulties in reproducing it.