Reader currently has folders for the documents.  You can create folders, and put documents in folders.  A few users asked us to add sub-folders.   After thinking about that, we decided move to tags.   What’s the difference?   Under the hood, the only difference is a document can only have one folder, but can’t have multiple tags.

Tags will actually work much better.

Here’s an example.    Suppose you have fiction books, and history books, and you’d like put them folders for the century (for history books the century it covers, for fiction for the century it was set in).   Make tags for history, fiction, and each century you may have a book for.  Add the proper tags to each book.   Filtering with tags, you can now see all fiction, or all history, all for any century or history for century, etc…   Subfolders won’t not allow all of those options.

You’ll be able to create whatever tags you like.   And we will add some automatic tags.    For example, we are planning on making tags for authors, and document type.  We’ll give you options to show or not show the automatic tags.   If you have are helpful,  use them.  If you don’t find them helpful, just hide them.

Update: Recent version of Reader now use tags.